2 pieces Premium Orthotic Gel Insoles UK Orthopedic Flat Foot Health Sole Pad For Shoes Insert Arch Support Pad For Plantar fasciitis Unisex

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Color: S EU 35-40
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Benefits / Features

  • Superior shock absorption and provides long last comfort.
  • Inserted EVA damping pads on the Forefoot and heel, shock absorption.
  • Reduces stress on knees and lower body.
  • The soft top cloth absorbs moisture to keep feet dry and reduce odour.
  • U-shaped heel design, walking comfortably.
  • Full length bow support.
  • Extra heel pad protects the heel bone from a painful stroke.
  • Provide extra support for the heel and the foot.
  • Extra cushioning at the heel for maximum effect.
  • Stoma design, not afraid of sweat, suitable for exercise, keep the feet fresh.
  • Suitable for comfort and amortization of all types of casual and casual shoes.
  • Free to cut, can be cut according to requirements.



Remove existing insoles from shoes

Insert these insoles into shoes measured for size

Trim for exact fit (Hint Use original insoles to trace before cutting)

Trim toe to size first then sides and heel for optimum comfort length

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Shoe Width: Medium(B, M)

Pattern Type: Gingham

Model Number: Orthopedic Arch Insole

Material: PVC

Item Type: Insoles

Insole Height: 1cm-3cm

Function 1: Sport Shoe pad

Function 2: Comfortable gel insoles

Function 3: Orthopedic insoles

Function 4: Shoe sole

Function 5: For running

Function 6: Arch support

Function 7: Female sneakers

Function 8: O/X Leg Correction Foot Care

Function 9: Orthopedic Shoes Sole Insoles

Function 10: Insoles for shoes men orthopedic

Function 11: Flat feet arch support insoles orthopedic

Function 12: Flat foot orthopedic insoles

Function 13: Orthopedic insoles for shoes

Function 14: Men shoes

Function 15: Arch support for shoes

Function 16: Arch support insoles hard plastic

Function 17: Flat foot orthopedic insoles

Function 18: Orthopedic insoles shoes flat foot arch

Function 19: Orthopedic insoles orthotics flat foot

Function 20: Orthopedic Foot pain

Function 21: Flat Feet for Women / Men

Function 22: Arch Support Flat Feet

Function 23: Insoles for shoes Gel Pad

Function 24: Orthotic High Arch Support Insoles

Function 25: Women's shoes

Feature1: Anti-Slippery

Feature2: Hard-Wearing

Feature3: Sweat-Absorbent

Feature4: Breathable

Feature5: Arch Support

Feature6: Quick-Drying

SIZE: S EU 35-40, length 26cm.

L EU 41-45, length 29cm.


  1. Question: How do these premium orthotic gel insoles benefit individuals with flat feet or orthopedic concerns?
Answer: The premium orthotic gel insoles provide additional arch support and cushioning for individuals with flat feet or orthopedic issues. They help distribute pressure evenly across the foot, reducing discomfort and promoting proper alignment.

  1. Question: Are these gel insoles suitable for all types of shoes, including athletic shoes and work boots?
Answer: Yes, these insoles are designed to be versatile and can be used in various types of shoes, such as athletic shoes, work boots, and casual footwear. Their slim profile allows for easy insertion without compromising comfort.

  1. Question: Can these orthopedic gel insoles be trimmed for a customized fit?
Answer: Yes, many premium orthotic gel insoles can be trimmed to fit different shoe sizes. This customization feature ensures a snug fit and allows users to adapt the insoles to the specific dimensions of their footwear.

  1. Question: How does the gel material enhance the comfort and support provided by these insoles?
Answer: The gel material used in these insoles provides superior shock absorption and cushioning. This enhances overall comfort by reducing impact on the feet and joints, making them particularly beneficial for individuals with flat feet or those seeking additional support.

  1. Question: Are these orthotic gel insoles suitable for everyday use, and how should they be maintained?
Answer: Yes, these insoles are typically suitable for everyday use. To maintain their effectiveness, it is recommended to regularly remove and air them out. Some insoles are also washable, allowing for easy cleaning and ensuring optimal hygiene for prolonged use.

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