The autumn / winter fashion trends have already been decided thanks to Fashion Week’s catwalks and some trendy street styles. This season is going to suit your style whatever it may be. As they say fashion has no rules which is why you can opt for your favourite colours, prints and statement pieces.

We rounded up for you our favourite trends this Autumn.  

Dark Florals

Florals are one of those girly patterns that are generally reserved for warmer months. With a darker upgrade this autumn florals are making quite a comeback. It’s the latest fashion trend and is already hitting the streets. Who will say no to a long moody floral dress?     

Lavender / Purple Tones 

Purple is quite an unexpected colour to pick as the leading colour this season. It’s not for everyone, however, if you play your cards right it may be your favourite shade. Even if you don’t like vibrant purple you can always opt for slightly paler purples. Lavender adds subtleness and elegance to any piece of clothing. 

Animal / Leopard Print  

 As they say an animal or leopard print is an easy way to add a little attitude to any outfit. This print has become a staple of ladies wardrobe for many seasons now! It’s so versatile and you can wear it however you want and with whatever you want. We prefer slightly subtler look to animal prints.  


We love patchworks, there is something comforting in them. A mixture of different fabrics sewn together seems somewhat strange but weirdly it can work! It’s one of the fashion’s latest trends, you can’t argue with that. Patchwork can be bold and colourful and contrasting pieces of fabric are quite creative. 



Long Coats

As the days become darker and the weather gets colder long coats are a must this season. We love oversized long coats, they are functional, warm and cosy. They look great with any outfit. Our must have.


The best advice we have for you is wear what you love and what you feel most comfortable in. Fashion has no rules and this season is about having fun and experimenting with whatever you feel like wearing.  


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