How we share your data

We may share your data within the Ammpoure by ASPIRADO Trading group. We may also share it with others who help us fulfill our commitments to you . These companies help us process data, host our digital websites and apps, process payments, send communications, fulfill orders, or provide us or you services. We may store data in the United Kingdom, the rest of EU, and the United States. When we send your data outside the EU, we use the European Commission’s standard data protection clauses. We also use digital and other security measures to protect your data and make sure only people who need it can access it. We require our service providers to protect your data and use it only as the law allows. They cannot use your data except in helping us provide you products and services or as allowed by the privacy law and our contracts.


How we protect your data

The privacy and security of your data is important to us. We use digital and physical security and process controls to protect your data. We encrypt and anonymize data where we can and it makes sense. Even inside our company, we limit access to your data as much as we can. We need your help to keep your data safe! When you make an account, we ask you to pick a password. If you give a friend your password, it is much harder for us to keep your data safe. You should not use the same password across sites. 

That makes your data much less safe, and it’s very hard for us to protect you from someone else’s breach. Bad guys are tricky! They sometimes pretend to be us to trick you into giving them your data. Don’t get tricked, we will never ask you for your password.


Holding your data

We need your data to fulfill our contracts with you, provide you great 

products and excellent service, and comply with some laws. We plan to keep 

your data until we no longer have a relationship with you or for as long 

as it is required by contract or law.



We do not want to collect any data from people under the age of 16. If we 

learn that we collected any such data, we will delete it.


Your rights

Our goal is to serve you. We know you want to control your data and you 

have the right to do so. We serve customers in many countries, and data 

privacy laws differ from one to another. Here is a list of the rights you 

have in the European Union:


  • You can ask us to correct your data or to delete some of it;
  •  You can ask for a copy of your data or info about what we collect, why, who we share it with, etc.; 
  • You can ask us to transfer data you gave us to other companies;
  •  You can ask us to stop using some data; 
  • You can ask us to stop sending you marketing;
  • You can make a complaint to a local data protection authority;


We plan to defend your rights and work with you to make sure you feel that 

your data is protected. If you have any questions regarding your rights, 

please Contact Us.






To keep you safe, we will need to verify your identity before we can 

assist you with these rights.


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