We started this new decade only a few days ago but already everyone is asking the same questions: what's going to be popular in fashion and what's going to happen with throwaway trends. The spring/summer 2020 runaways looked a lot more commercial than in previous years. The focus was on wearable and classic looks rather than artistic creations. People slowly becoming more conscious by not buying new trends in an attempt to reduce the waste they produce. As we start a new decade fashion needs to establish a new order where consumers will be more mindful over the fashion choices they make.

Find our favourite fashion trends for 2020! 

Sustainable Fashion

Our favourite trend for 2020 is a bold move towards a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. In an effort to reduce waste, consumers are now choosing fashion labels that are eco-conscious. Hopefully this year we are going to see more clothing made with recycled materials, vegan leather and vintage hand me downs.

Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are considered one of the first major fashion trends of 2020. This trend was seen everywhere from Carolina Herrera to Anrealage. It makes a perfect statement piece and we just love it. 

Polka dots

Who doesn't like good old polka dot prints? It may be a bit slightly-in-your-face print but we just love it. For those of you who like patterns but don't want to exaggerate polka dot is for you.  

Leopard Pattern

Leopard pattern was the biggest trend in the previous years and is to last in 2020 as well. We love animal patterns. They are perfect as a statement piece are timeless and classic. If you are looking to make more eco-friendy fashion choices this year, invest into an animal statement piece. 

Statement Trench Coat

New decade is a new take on the classic trench coat demonstrated on the runaways of Burberry or Gabriella Hurst. Trench Coat is something you can have in your wardrobe for years to come. Animal print accents complement this basic outfit quite well.

Utility Jumpsuits

The best thing about wearing jumpsuits is that you can wear them up or down depending on occasion. 

Hope you liked our fashion choices! Let us know what are your favourite trends for this year?  


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