We at AMPOUR™️ always wanted to create a clothing collection for independent and strong women who, despite any life struggles or hardships, remain confident and successful. We support women who are not afraid of failure, who are not afraid of climbing the career ladder and who are not afraid of speaking up for themselves. We believe all women should have equal rights, deserve to be happy and, above all, they should be proud of their success, whether big or small.

AMPOUR was born in 2018 in London by Mrs Anshu, a hard-working entrepreneur who always wanted to create the brand for strong and successful women. Her first company - Amans Atlantic / Aspirado Trading - women's clothing manufacturing company has expanded rapidly from India to New York and London. Currently, the company provides manufacturing and designing services worldwide. 

Mrs Anshu has been working with the designers at Galeries Lafayette and Max Mara Group. Other clients include NordStrom, JcPenny, Massimo Dutti, Max Mara Group, Lord & Taylor to name a few.

Mrs Anshu's career path was never easy. As a female entrepreneur in the 70's, she experienced many ups and downs in her life but always kept her head up high and kept going despite life circumstances, whether it was losing her mother or business associates.

Today she employees 30+ employees in 3 countries and helps more than 5000+ people who manufacture garments for her customers.

After almost 20 years of working with fashion designers and companies, she decided to develop her own brand - AMPOUR to celebrate the success of every woman.

 The brand represents the struggles a woman has to go through in order to become the person she is today - a woman who always believed in her confidence and success.

 We at AMPOUR know what it takes to be a successful woman. As a brand we want you to feel special, loved and encouraged. You can achieve just anything in life. Never give up. God is always there to help you!

This is her 



~ her son

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 Additionally we believe that it is important to give back to the world. So we donate part our earnings to distribute food and other shelter items to the homeless.

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