Are you looking for a perfect bag this summer but not sure where to begin your search. Whether you need an evening bag, casual bag or a festival bag - fear not we got you covered.  

Check our guide to the best bag trends you need this summer 2019!  

Straw and Circular 

If you are looking for something summery and perfect for the beach as well as street you should look at straw bags. They are quite popular and they will be a perfect addition to your summer accessory collection.


Plastic See-Through Bags

As Barbie once said: "Life in plastic, it's fantastic". We all have mixed feelings when it comes to plastic bags - mainly because of the material they are made from. Plastic bags are definitely a trend in 2019! If you decide to go for plastic see-through bags don't forget to curate your possessions neatly before hitting the streets.     

Netted Bags

One of the most convenient and easy to carry bags. Perfect for bigger items such as beach towels or wallets. You can also easily fold them and keep in your main bag ahead of a shopping trip.


XXL Tote Bags

Large bags are a huge trend in 2019. Bags which were seen as a perfect sustainable option for grocery shopping got a nice transformation. You can get them in many colours and patterns. Perfect for the day on the beach or a casual stroll around the city.   


Tiny Over The Shoulder Bags

Micro over the shoulder bags are perfect accessory if you don't have that much stuff to carry around with you. Perfect for small items such as lipstick, phones and keys.   


Vintage Bags

Everyone love vintage bags! They are so versatile and always look perfect. You can pair them with your favourite dress and sandals, go for more fancy look or style them any way you want.    


Hope you liked our blog, if so let us know which bag trend is favourite! 

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