As Paris Fashion Week comes to a close, we are looking at the best trends for Spring and Summer 2019, as seen across London, Milan, New York and Paris.

The Spring and Summer trends have already been decided thanks to fashion week's catwalks and trendy street styles. If you are looking to keep your wardrobe up to date you came to the right place. The world's top fashion style stars have the inspiration you need.  

We have rounded up for you the top trends for the Spring / Summer season which you need to add to your shopping list. 



Thanks to Kim Kardashian, neon has already made its way up to the high street shelves. Are you ready for your wardrobe to beam brighter than the sun? Neon is a colour that you won't escape from this year. 

Tie Dye 

Tie dye is back for good, so if you don't like this trend, Spring / Summer 2019 may be a testing time for you. Kaia Gerber nailed this look at New York Fashion Week. 


You can go as bold as you want with this trend adding extra layers here and there. It's a summertime favourite style. 

Animal Print 

Animal print is still trending. Loud leopard print is a favourite amongst fashionstas and Influencers. Once a low key trend and now everyone is wearing it. Is it time to unleash your inner jungle leopard? 


The trend that no one ever asked for is back. Shorts are bolder than ever and are making their return.  

Bucket hats 

This iconic 90's accessory is a must-have item! The good news is we will all be wearing a lot of bucket hats this Spring / Summer season, ultimately protecting our faces from the sun. It's a win-win situation. 

Boiler suit 

The boiler suit utility trend is perfect for comfort and practicality. Once recognised as a workman's uniform it is now a hot trend style. This loose fitting one piece uniform is also known as the new power suit.   


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