Key Safe Wall Mounted, Medium 85 X 119 X 36 Mm, Outdoor, Mounting Kit, for Home Office Industries Vehicles

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  • Lock box application: for indoor and outdoor use; wall mount key safe is best used for Key and access card storage; Large internal cavity allows secure storage for multiple keys
  • Ease of use: resettable 4 digit combination for keyless convenience, set and reset your combination allowing thousands of personalized combination code options. Simple installation (mounting kit included)
  • Durable design: lockable key storage designed for installation to a wall or other fixed object; metal body construction for durability and shutter door to protect combination dials from weather
  • Ideal for set of keys: exterior dimensions (H x W x D) 11.9cm x 8.5cm x 3.6cm; Interior dimensions (H x W x D) 9.2cm x 6.4cm x 3cm
  • Easy to secure and Share your keys: great solution for Airbnb and home rental. Gives easy access to care takers and home workers. Ideal to share keys with your family or roomates.
  • Limited lifetime warranty: If this product or any part of the product fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship at any time during the life of the product, Master Lock will, at its own discretion, repair or replace the product or part free of charge.

From the manufacturer

Master Lock Key Safes

In 2004 Master Lock launched a new concept and introduced Key Safes to their range. Key Safes allow access to a building/item without the need for someone to be at the location. With Master Lock’s range of wall mount and shackled key safe's there is one for every situation.

Perfect Access solution 

No more hiding your keys

Stop hiding your keys under the doormat or under a flower pot. Master Lock key Safes are the perfect secure solution to share access to your keys

Easy to set combination

Regularly change your combination for added security. Choose from light up, push button or Bluetooth

Outdoor or indoor use

Master Lock Key Safes can be used outdoors or indoors dependent on the requirement. Most come with a weather cover to protect from the elements

Choose the capacity you need

Master Lock Key Safes come in different sizes and interior capacities to suit your needs: one key, multiple keys, car keys, access card...

What to look for when purchasing a Master Lock Key Safe

With a wide range to choose from, Master Lock Key Safes have many different features and benefits including large ergonomic dials, light up dials, push button dials. Fitted with a weather cover to protect the dials and help with operation.

Choose the best solution for your needs

  1. Key Safe with new innovative design

    Large Capacity 2.5X the size of classic designs. High security Key Safe that can be Wall mounted or attached with a shackle or the new flexible shackle design. Easy access with large and spaced dials

  2. Master Lock Push Button Key Safe

    Model with push-buttons for simplified handling of the combination. Number or letter combination depending on your preference. Hook included to hang keys. Shackle or wall mounted.

  3. Master Lock Light Up Dial Key Safe

    Secure medium wall Mounted or shackled Light Up Dial Key Safe with a large 'open' lever for more comfortable use. Great for use in the dark. Weather cover for a good outdoor usage.

  4. Reinforced Security Key Safe

    Wall mounted or shackled reinforced security Key Safe with a large capacity. Metal body construction for durability with a shutter door for weather protection. Wall Mounted design is certified.

  5. Master Lock Smart Bluetooth / Combination Key Safe

    Use your smartphone to unlock wireless Key Safe. Enter numerical code on lock keypad for easy backup without smartphone. Track openings and manage access. Shackle or wall mount for easy installation

  6. Master Lock Medium Combination Key Safe

    Wall mounted or shackled resettable 4 digit combination Key Safe with a durable design. For keyless convenience, set and reset your 4 digit combination. Medium interior capacity.

Certifications available on Master Lock Key Safes

Some of the Master Lock range of Key Safes are certified Sold Secure, Secured By Design and CNPP. This displays the strength and security of the Key Safe for protecting keys and access cards.

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Established in 1999, we are a woman founded ecommerce and trading corporate known for excellent customer service and 'risk-free' shopping

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